Coreal Alüminyum Kablo Family’s management and staff adopt themselves to give priority to quality, environment, work safety and health and comply with the requirements of management systems and legislations. Integrated Management System is formed accordingly by attendance of whole Team.

Our principal is to supply our customers’ demand and expectations by manufacturing in accordance with the standards and specifications, minimizing the environmental impacts, preventing the air pollution, reducing the wastes at the sources, using the natural resources with maximum effectiveness and protecting the whole staff’s work safety and health at maximum levels.

Our commitment is researching, finding and removing the root causes of the improprieties and non-conformities and preventing the repititions by continuous and sustainable improvements. The raw material of all our products is Aluminum which is at very high purity and includes no heavy metals which might be hazardouos for environment and health so that it is totally environment and human friendly.

One of our biggest targets is providing and keeping the plant atmosphere happy, healthy and without work accidents.

Managing Director